Time changes everything, especially possibilities.

At Ted Brewer violins, we’ve been exploring the future of the electric violin. Our quest has been, and remains, to make the very best of evolving technology and of our expertise, whilst staying true to the beauty and character of traditional violins.

Our ideas inspire creativity and passion. In creating his electric violins, Ted retains the dedication of the luthier, putting the utmost care into giving each musician exactly what they need from their violin.

Since 1993, when Ted began work on individual commissions, interest in our contemporary electric violins has grown immensely. To satisfy a steady demand, we have created the Vivo², available through selected music shops or direct from us. The Crossbow, Opus and Hades allow us to create perfectly personalised electric violins for our customers.

The Crossbow, the Opus and the Hades all three of our electric violins make statements. They put you centre stage, where you’ll make an immediate and lasting impression, and a beautiful sound.

Welcome to the future of the electric violin.


Vivo Air