How long does the battery last?
We always advise using a high quality alkaline battery, for maximum active time. If the lights are used constantly the this will reduce the life of the battery.

Can I use my normal violin bow with this instrument?

Will the violin fit in a normal violin case?
It will fit in any standard 4/4 violin case

What amplifier do you recommend?
This is very much a personal choice – we suggest you take the violin into a music shop that specialises in amplifiers and try out several.

Is the Vivo2 susceptible to temperature and humidity variations?
No due to its construction materials, temperature and humidity have minimal effect on the instrument.

What is the difference between the Vivo 2 and the Vivo2 Air?
Sound wise there is no difference. The reason the Vivo Air is more expensive is that because it is totally clear the manufacturing process takes longer.

Do you have a manual for the violin?
This can be downloaded HERE!

Can I can visit your workshop?
Yes, by appointment only.

What warranty do you give?
One year parts and labour.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship globally.

Can I use the vivo 2 with a transmitter receiver system?
Yes, any reputable one will work.

Can I use a rechargeable battery?
We recommend Alkaline batteries, but many of our customers use rechargeable batteries.

Are the machine heads adjustable?
Yes, see the documentation HERE!

How quickly will I get my order?
We will dispatch the violin within 28 days, but often much sooner, dependant on stock.

Can you customise the instrument?
We have a facility to add your name to the instrument, this will incur an extra cost and possibly delay dispatch.

Where is my order?
We will send you the tracking details once your instrument is dispatched, if you have not received them please contact us.

Can you supply a clear bow?
No because of the structure of the bow. We do however supply silver bows to complement the vivo air and coloured bows for the other Vivo2's – please see our Accessories page.

How strong is the Vivo2?
Because it is made of polycarbonate, they are an extremely strong instrument.

How do I clean my Vivo2?
Never use any abrasive or alcohol based cleaners. You should only use an anti static cleaner and soft cloth.

How do the operating functions work on the violin?
See the the Video HERE.

How much are your shipping charges?
Our shipping charges are free for UK, £50 for anywhere in the EU, and £70 for anywhere else.

How can I pay?
You can pay on the website by debit or credit card, or by PayPal via the Paypal payment gateway. If you prefer you can pay by bank transfer, please contact us and we will let you have bank details. All payments are in GBP.

Do you do credit terms?
Unfortunately we do not.

If you have any further questions not covered in this section, then please Contact Us!