Client Reviews

Client Reviews


Describing integrity, excellence, commitment, and trust in a highly accomplished company is a challenge, but Ted Brewer Violins embodies all of these qualities and more. My initial meeting with Ted was marked by his inviting calmness, which instantly set the stage for discussing the potential realization of my customized electric violin. To be honest, aside from specifying the color blue and the flame effect, I gave Ted complete creative freedom for the final product's design.

Now, after 7 years of owning my own custom-made Ted Brewer Violin, I can't help but express my perpetual admiration for it. As a devoted melodist, this exquisite creation's engineering and sound precision allow me to explore new dimensions of sonic colours , finesse, and subtlety in my music, impossible to achieve with an acoustic violin. It's truly a violin, yet it's undeniably a "Ted Brewer Violin"—it's become uniquely mine.

These beautifully crafted instruments are at the forefront of a new musical era, revolutionizing creativity. Ted Brewer and his remarkable wife, Dianne (the driving force behind this great man), are undoubtedly sincere individuals who exude transparency in their dealings—no pretense, no artificiality. Over time, our connection has blossomed into a genuine friendship, and I can confidently assert that honesty is the cornerstone of Ted Brewer Violins' success.

Watch out, Ted, order number 2 is on the horizon!


Love my Brewer violin!  It's the Cadillac of Electric Violins!
I play for my parents, especially my father Phil Brewer, in their nursing home room. The great tone, ease of playing and ability to control volume are all crucial in this setting. Thank you!

This is a wonderful violin! Right from the get-go, it played so easily. The sleek look is elegant and eye-catching, yet my shoulder rest fits perfectly. I also love the tuners, which are similar to guitar tuners yet look like the traditional peg tuners on most acoustic violins. The feel of this violin is perfect for me. So comfortable! And the chin rest is situated exactly right for my slightly overlong neck. To my surprise, it has lights that shine as I play. Having the control buttons on the side and therefore easily accessible is another bonus. I can't recommend this violin enough.


What we say?
Hand-made in Lincoln, the Vivo is an affordable way to get your hands on a genuine Ted Brewer violin, as favoured by numerous well known violinists including the legendary Vanessa Mae. Instandly recognisable due to its acrylic body and lights that pulse in response to bow pressure, this is a great instrument with a lovely sound.
Technical features include a microprocessor that lets you play around with the sound output, and grover tuners. The neck and fingerboard are slightly wider to accommodate the extra string, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of sessions to get used to this. The options available (tonally and musically) with an extra string outweigh the work needed to adjust to the larger shape.
All in all, this is a stunning instrument with a lot of possibilities. It's perfect for gigging, solo work and reigniting a passion for string playing. 


I own the Vivo Air, and it is not only a stunner in terms of looks, but also has a lovely set of tone options. The chinrest is comfortable, and the friction pegs are very easy to tune. The fingerboard is nice and smooth. Never fails to be a head-turner. Totally worth it!!


Just had my first afternoon playing my new red vivo2! Superb and great potential for enjoyment!

Your violins are excellent and would recommend them to anyone. I have the older version which does not have a on and off switch. Apart from this pain the violin is wonderful.


I'm loving my Vivo2 yes, first off it is stunning to look at rarely does anything look better in person than it does in a picture very, very cool. I'd anticipated having to adjust to the feel of this violin but was amazed by how natural it felt, I just slapped my shoulder rest on it and started playing, it feels lighter than the Zeta Midi violins I've played on in the past. The thing that struck me the most was the clarity of the sound when I heard it through my amp it has a beautiful authentic violin sound when played without added effects which is very important to me. It's also great to hear yourself from the violin and not just through the amp as it is with some electric instruments. The string height and tension feel great I can play everything on this fiddle that I can on my Italian. I'd recommend the Ted Brewer violins to any professional that's looking to add another dimension their playing and career.


Great violin, love this vivo2! I love the look and the sound. The only complaint I have is that it did not come with a manual but no harm done as the manual can be found online in a flash so I'm not going to let that affect my rating. So far I have only heard it through headphones as I am still waiting on my amp and cables but it sounds great! Beautifully constructed and very light. My shoulder rest fit so I just popped that over grabbed my bow and began playing. Wonderful for those who live in apartments with thin walls. It was only slightly heavier than my acoustic. Shipping was fast, not even an entire week elapsed! I ordered it last Thursday and it shipped the following day. The postman actually startled me because I wasn't expecting him haha! Again, can't give enough praise. Great job Ted Brewer!


it’s a very elegant instrument it took me quite time to getting the hang on it cause I didn’t receive instructions from the seller but I had a couple of questions and even I didn’t bought it from Ted Brewer he help me. I think in overall was a good experience.


Best electric sound on the market .. make yourself a great gift 


Violinist - Kaya Project / Susheela Raman / Bombay Dub Orchestra


I’ve had my Vivo5 for more than 15 years without experiencing any problems with it, however after a long period (5ish years) of it not being used I had an issue with it not turning on. I promptly contacted Ted directly and shipped it to him for repairs which he did free of charge (minus postage costs). When I got it back it was fine for a while but then the circuit board failed 5 days before a really important gig! I was in a panic and contacted Ted again for help! Due to the urgent nature of my problem Ted was very accommodating and generous with his time and suggested I drive up to Lincoln and he would fix it then and there on the day much to my relief. Can’t really ask for more from the manufacturer caring about his customers in their aftercare service even years after my initial purchase. Since then I’ve not had any problems with the new circuit board and am thoroughly enjoying the sound of my newly upgraded Vivo5!