Why Us?



We have been successfully selling our instruments globally for 26 years.

Every one of our instruments is assembled or created (depending on the model) by Ted Brewer himself. Some are assembled and other hand carved from Acrylic.

Our instruments are set up in our workshop in Lincoln so you can be assured that it will sound amazing.

Our service is second to none, we provide a one year no quibble guarantee, but very often repairs will be done either free or at cost, even after the customer has had the instruments for a number of years.

If you call for advice or information, you will normally speak directly with Ted Brewer (please be aware of time zones when calling).

There are many Electric Violins on the market but the Ted Brewer Electric Violin is a very affordable option. No Electric violin sounds the same as a traditional violin (think the difference between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar) but the tone of our violins are very mellow, and one of the closest sounding to the traditional violin.


There are many electric violins on the market, a large quantity of which are Chinese makes. These are priced accordingly, and can be good beginner instruments, but often the customer is disappointed with the quality of sound. Our violins are quality instruments and will last a lifetime.

An Electric Violin opens up a whole new world of opportunities, you can use effects with our violin as well as headphones (ideal for practise).

The materials use in our electric violins are not subject to humidity or temperature.

In the past a violinist in a band was always overshadowed by the electric instruments played by other members of the band, now using an electric violin gives you the opportunity to take centre stage.

An electric violin has a few advantages over amplified traditional violins. You don’t get feedback, there is a headphone socket so you can practice silently, ideal if you live in a flat or want to practice when the children are in bed. They are more robust than a traditional violin, and our Electric Violins look amazing. You will definitely have a presence on stage, with one of our violins.

Our violins are ideal for professionals and those starting out, or if you are looking to experiment with different genres of music, or with effects.

Recordings are made easy too with lots of different software options available on the market.


Our violins fit in a standard 4/4 case and can be played using any bow of your choice.

Don’t forget when purchasing an electric violin, that you will need to factor in the cost of an amplifier and lead, unless you wish to go for a wireless option, which are compatible with our instruments.